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Preguntas frecuentes

Te presentamos un resumen de las preguntas mas frecuentes que hemos acumulado en nuestros mas de 20 años de trabajo en innovación, diseño y desarrollo de nuevos productos.
Por otras preguntas, por favor, escríbenos.

  • Is my idea or project compatible with Ordoñez ID?
    Our core business is developing tangible products that will be produced on a large scale. It does not matter the project size or phase you are in. You can arrive with an idea in mind or with a homemade prototype. Our priority will always be to lead the idea to the goal; turn it into a real product, ready to market. Although we work with many companies, some of our clients are startups and entrepreneurs; if you decide to move forward with the project, we will be there to help you.
  • I already have in-house engineers. Can your company integrate with our team?
    Absolutely. Our work is an integrated development process, not an isolated one. When a client has an internal professional resource, the projects are developed jointly, integrating the tasks of the different work areas, housing design, electronics, software, etc. Many times because the client's teams are overloaded or the specific technical capacity is lacking or the project is stagnant and the project needs a fresh look and perspective, whatever the case may be, we can seamlessly integrate into the project flow and add value to the process and deliverables.
  • Who owns the idea you develop?
    The customer, always. One of the many services we provide is the preparation of technical drawings for the patenting and registration process. We recommend carrying out the procedures to obtain the intellectual property of the idea through professionals or specialist agents. If required, we can provide you with contacts from our network of associates.
  • How long does it take, and how much does it cost to design and develop a new product?
    Designing and developing a new product, taking it beyond "designs and 3D models," takes a lot of time and work. It is important to define the first objectives, even when sometimes the final product is far from the original idea, whether due to costs, market analysis, or various circumstances that appear during the design process and require an adjustment of objectives that enrich the original idea. All this takes time from specialists and professionals working on your idea. Analyzing, designing, prototyping, testing and adjusting, documenting, and strategically managing so that the product reaches the best version for scenario. That said, developing a product is costly, not only for design and engineering fees but also for prototypes, tests, molds, production, and sometimes if applicable, homologations, dissemination, and promotion, among others. The project cost will depend on how long it takes and what expertise is required per month, how many changes and adjustments are requested, how many prototypes are made, etc. In our vast experience, projects hardly last less than six months and can last up to two years, depending on the variables we shared above. Its cost, consequently, is directly related to its duration and assigned hourly load. For further detail, please write to us, and we will help you evaluate your project
  • How is a design contracted?
    The first step is always to talk to find out the characteristics of the project, to be able to define the challenges and their magnitude and to understand where the project is and how far you want to go. If we see that you are in a position to start and your project fits our capabilities, then we will move on to a quote. Once the quotation is approved, we carry out the contract in which, in general terms, the stages, objectives, and estimated deadlines for each of them are established. You have to be realistic and consistent with the objectives; the more uncertainty, the more deviation the project could have. Since new product design projects are high-risk projects, it is essential that you have evaluated your idea, the decision to invest, and the capital to face not only the design but also its productive implementation, packaging, and all subsequent costs incurred in the start-up of a new project.
  • How do we get started?
    It all starts with a first conversation, in which we can quickly find out the type of project and the objectives and address your concerns. We will also need to ask you a few questions that will allow us to understand if we are the company that can help you in your business and new product development. If it is the right option for your company or project, we can advance with the project analysis to generate a quote. Let's coordinate a call!
  • Who is Ordoñez ID?
    Ordoñez ID is an award-winning company with more than twenty years of experience in strategic product development, launching new products, and implementing innovation processes. With offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Boise, United States; and Hong Kong. We have the structure and experience to not only develop ideas but also put them into production. We provide all our knowledge so that you can go through the process without stress, accompanied throughout the design and development process by those who know the most and increasing the chances of success of your project, regardless of where your company or business is located.
  • I already have the product design, but I need help producing it.
    No problem; as a client you have access to our production and logistics services so that your product will reach the market for which it was designed. As with a project that starts from an idea, we will sign an NDA, discuss the requirements, deadlines, and technologies, and develop a productive strategy that delivers on objectives.
  • How do you take care of my idea and project information?
    We have an Nondisclosure Agreement document (NDA), which we sign on all projects regardless of size or duration.
  • I am not in the country where you are.
    It doesn't matter; we have clients all over the world. With more than twenty years of experience, of which more than ten years, we developed 100% remote projects with clients on all continents and dozens of countries. If you speak English or Spanish, we will be able to communicate and carry out the project successfully. Although the products we manufacture are tangible, our services are digital; the design process is expressed through digital presentations and 3D files that you can view on computers or phones. If the project requires it, you will also receive physical prototypes. If you have any questions, please, write to us at; it will be a pleasure to answer your questions.

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