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Anthropometric Products Created for Holway

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Project Overview

Francis Holway, an authority in sports medicine, nutrition and anthropometry, engaged Oid to develop a line of high-precision anthropometric products.

The goal was to develop products that would surpass those currently available at market. Oid’s innovative solution focused on a change in materiality and improved instrument precision, reading and inherent quality.


Project Proposal- Build Industry Defining Products

Our client was looking to develop his own anthropometric instruments for use in his training and courses, in addition to marketing them to health and nutrition professionals.

Our proposal scope included the design of products that were more effective and accurate than those that were currently available. This new line of products would push innovation in the market, while meeting the level of quality Mr. Holway conveys through his teaching.

R&D- Understand the Industry

Mr. Holway is professionally recognized as a leader in anthropometry, the scientific study of the measurements and proportions of the human body, as well as nutrition and sports performance. His courses and trainings for the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK) has garnered him worldwide attention. ISAK accreditation employs a team of experts in the application of global standards, in the use of anthropometry, as an alternative for measuring body composition, with the objective of identifying health risks, sports prescription or performance, as well as evaluation of human growth.

Project Scope- Phase 1 -Identify the Audience & Service Opportunities

We studied and defined the intention of the Holway products as well as the audience they were working to serve. The brand wanted to develop an identity with their audience and communicate more directly with them.

Our objective was to make the instruments familiar, easy to recognize and use. With the clear premise of improving ergonomics, performance and quality. We also sought to add value from an aesthetic point of view, highlighting product attractiveness and identity through colors, shapes and materials.

Project Scope- Phase 2 Improve Upon the Existing Product Space

Having defined the audience and their needs, we moved on to the product development stage. We selected high quality laser engraved aluminum to improve performance and durability while providing customers with a quality and aesthetically superior product. Previously most anthropometric instruments were made of plastic, which is susceptible to breakage and does not maintain dimensional accuracy over the long term.

Project Scope- Phase 3- Value Adds

We also worked on the development of additional products that are were not part of

the original kit, but we felt were necessary elements.

These included an anthropometric drawer with three levels of height and a body

scale, which allows a detailed reading of body weight.

Additionally, we developed the product packaging, which functions efficiently shipping and transport. We developed different packs, both for the intermediate and complete kits, as well as for other products that are marketed individually. Our goal in this part of the project, was to offer attractive containment for all products, not only for permanent storage but also for transportation. This packaging was both functional, professional and quietly identifiable while assuring that all contained elements arrive in optimal condition and ready for professional use.

Final Result

Eight innovative, high quality, identifiable and user-friendly anthropometric instruments, equipment for their transport and three market insight proposals.


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