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We not only design products, but we also collaborate in the creation of new businesses.
Here are some success stories.

IoT design. monitor de siembra
sowing monitoring device

Precision Planting Monitor Created for D&E

D&E Precision Farming commissioned Oid to design a product that could withstand

the high structural, operational, mechanical and aesthetic demands of their industry.

The result was a rugged and ergonomic exterior cabinet that utilized GPS and touch

screen technology while maximizing D&E’s innovative hardware and software used

throughout their fleet of tractors and airplanes.

This conceptual work required more than 15 avenues of exploration, before tackling

the technical development. We conducted several innovation and creativity

workshops that allowed us to detect value add opportunities.


The result was a state-of-the-art, innovative product, with high performance and

resistance. Improved innovation provided our client, D&E Precision Agriculture, a

product that competed worldwide with other products in the field.

You can read more about this project on our blog here

Anthropometric Products Created for Holway

Francis Holway, an authority in sports medicine, nutrition and anthropometry, engaged Oid to develop a line of high-precision anthropometric products.

The goal was to develop products that would surpass those currently available at market. Oid’s innovative solution focused on a change in materiality and improved instrument precision, reading and inherent quality.

Our proposal scope included the design of products that were more effective and accurate than those that were currently available. This new line of products would push innovation in the market, while meeting the level of quality Mr. Holway conveys through his teaching.

The final result after designing, prototyping, testing, iterations, and technical development for DFM: Eight innovative, high quality, identifiable and user-friendly anthropometric instruments, equipment for their transport and three market insight proposals.

You can read more about this project on our blog here

Anthropometric instruments diseño de herramientas
IoT device design
sensors and point access housing design

Housing for Vibration Monitor For IDEAR

IDEAR needed a visual and functional improvement for their intelligent wireless sensor, WiTraq, which detects machine faults by measuring mechanical vibrations and temperature.

The goal was to develop a housing that, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing and attractive to the target audience, would protect WiTraq's electronics, which contain high-precision sensors

The development was already defined in relation to electronic and software engineering and they had a clear concept of what the brand considered attractive to its target market.

We worked to achieve an aesthetic product that fulfilled the structural purpose, durability, water-resistance needs and functional WiFi connectivity.

The main challenge to overcome was that the design should meet the technical and functional requirements without neglecting aesthetics. We focused on the early contemplation of the production processes and the simplicity of the assembly. This is essential in products with high structural and assembly requirements, since they require a design process focused on


Finally, we worked on the production with high precision suppliers, which allowed us to standardize the desired quality parameters for the product and its requirements. The very collaborative process with the client, and their specialized know-how in the product segment helped us achieve the desired result: An efficient and attractive product, of international quality standards and top of market design.

You can read more about this project on our blog here

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