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We have the skills and tools to transform your idea into a viable and valued product.

Our 360-degree services include market research and analysis, design proposals, prototyping, technical documentation, and production management: all steps that help your project become a reality.

Design analysis

Survey and analysis

Global survey capabilities

Capable of conducting global market surveys

Product & Market trend research.

Analysis of market available or engineered products, mechanics, and costs. 

Workshops and innovation

A space to innovate and add value

Ideation workshop.

Design thinking.

Innovation workshop.

Workshop team
concept development

Concept development

Where the idea begins to take shape

Sketches, shape, color, ergonomics, aesthetics.

Concept design.

Electronic development

PCB development

Electronic design.

Schematic design.

Layout design, component selection.

Verification and validation.

electronic development
industrial design

Industrial design

Where everything merges to reveal the ideal the product

Technical and aesthetic design.

3D CAD modeling.

Analysis of release, resistance, molding, and more.

Assembly and assembly systems.

2D documentation.

Prototyping and testing

3D printing, testing, correcting and improving

We have:

FFF Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle 3D Printer, printing in a wide variety of materials.

Formlabs 3 SLA 3D Printer, printing in a Variety of Materials.

Rapid prototyping and precision through CNC 3D CAD/CAM in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic materials to create all kinds of prototypes.

DFM design for manufacturing

Design for manufacturing

DFM, Color, material and finishing the design, ready to produce.

Review and tolerance adjustments.

Production-ready 2D and 3D technical documentation.

Documentation quality control.

Assembly documentation.

Packaging documentation.


Mass production

Golden sample and mass production

Production management.

Injection, molding, and CNC mechanizing production.

Low and High batch production.

Quality control.

Warehouse services.

Global shipping management.

production management

We can help you design and develop your new product and collaborate with your success story.
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