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Oid Celebrates 20 Years!Let Good Design Lift Your Business

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

In 2001, Ignacio Ordoñez started Ordoñez Industrial Design- Oid. Since founding,

Ignacio’s goal has been to utilize design to strategically transform ideas into desirable


Initially founded as a concept design studio, Oid has grown to become a 360°Industrial

Design service with international production capabilities.

360°Industrail Design: Is a fully integrated design service. Our interdisciplinary team

and methodologies provide customers innovative design execution as well as production

management locally and internationally. This 360°approach efficiently takes ideas and

realizes them into market-ready products..

A Founders Journey & Reflection

Ignacio Ordoñez, founder and director of Oid, graduated as an Industrial Designer and

worked in architecture prior to forging his own path in Industrial Design. As one of the

first industrial design studios headquartered in Argentina, Ignacio’s customer centric

focus has solved many complex design challenges. Over our 20 years in business we

have had the opportunity to help realize the design and product needs of various

customers, from large multi nationals to small startups.


Upon founding Oid, Ignacio’s goal was clear. He wanted to offer companies from

different industries ways in which they could improve their products. When it came to

discussing proposals he found that many of them did not even know that the profession

of Industrial Design existed. Those first interviews, more than helping him to sell his

services, helped educate the industry on the possibilities of design. A little more time

and understanding was needed before work = commissions.

Within year one, after meeting with a myriad of contacts from a variety of industries,

Ignacio began to receive orders. The first years of Oid were focused on providing

concept design solutions, offering advisory and consulting services, as well as solving

partial designs for developments that were already underway.

"At the beginning we were not necessarily designing a product in itself, but we were

offering technical interventions or incremental improvements. Sometimes we worked

on the technical documentation of parts made by the companies; engineers and other

times we focused on the aesthetics that the company wanted impart in their products"

- Ignacio Ordonez


Five years after starting Oid, Ignacio decided to carry out a global strategy that would

allow the firm to expand to other markets. Argentina was going through severe and

successive political and economic crises, strategically expansion was necessary.

"The first step was to export our solutions to other countries, with the goal of growing a

global business. I didn´t want it to be a one-way service from Argentina selling abroad,

but to be completely global, utilizing our expertise in new places, offering different

services to diverse markets"

- Ignacio Ordonez

Today Oid has a presence and clients in different parts of the world. Our South

American design and innovation headquarters are in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We

proudly offer manufacturing production and expertise in Hong Kong, China.

"With our presence and production in Hong Kong we are able to complete the 360

design circle. Since this stage was added to our existing array of services: consulting,

conceptual development and implementation, we can now bring a concept from

ideation through to production"

- Ignacio Ordonez


As Ignacio reflects on these 20 years of entrepreneurship and growth, he has a lot of

gratitude for his team. Some of his favorite times include innovation workshops in

which the team participates simultaneously, in a fun and relaxed meeting where they

draw and discuss ideas to solve the challenge on the table:

"We all participate in the projects at different times, but I like to meet and workshop, which is a very intimate situation for the team where everyone makes valuable contributions"

- Ignacio Ordonez

Another favorite moment that is integral for achieving a 360 design approach is the

prototyping stage, which according to Ignacio is "the first door to the materialization of

the project". When you go from the virtual or paper to something physical you can

touch and correct. This is a critical moment for the team and the clients, who are

prioritized and encouraged to participate as they want in all stages of the work.

At Oid we do not work behind closed doors, but share every advancement with our

client as they contribute incredibly to the process. They are the ones who identified the

design need and know the market and their competitors. They also know the

capabilities of their own factory and team. We take all that into account when making

a product, since it has to adapt to that reality and not the other way around. The

customer´s input is critical and strategic.

After 20 years of Industrial Design work and a postgraduate degree in Strategic Design

and Innovation Management. Ignacio highlights the value of doing what one enjoys and

doing it with passion and meeting other people who share that feeling. Running a design

business is full of challenges and progress that moves at varying speeds. Ignacio

understands that each step of these 20 years has been crucial for Ordoñez Industrial

Design to become the company it is today: A company that offers a unique experience

with a proven work methodology, a real interdisciplinary team and a true full circle

design service.

Ignacio feels confident in his team and excited by the new challenges in the decades

ahead in this very dynamic time in industry and technology.


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